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The Grass Cover Model

Why a soil cover model? In almost every field of environmental science the soil cover plays a crucial role. It is used for modelling purposes (as in erosion modelling for


The Lumbricus Environmental Hierarchy Concept

Complexity and Scale in the Environment Whenever we are looking at the environment there are multiple scales on which we can approach our surroundings. We can look from a satellite


The Future of Green Maintenance (Dutch)

Introductie Het liefste gebruiken we zo min mogelijk bestrijdingsmiddelen in het onderhoud van groen, maar we willen geen ziektes in ons gewas. Watermanagement blijkt een alsmaar grotere uitdaging als gevolg


Lumbricus Turf Disease Models

Devolopement and Validation Today, one of the biggest problems for turf maintenance is the presence of certain diseases. Two of the most prominent ones are Snow Mold for the cold


Optimal Drain Distance Calculations

To make sure that yield is not negatively effected by long periods of precipitation, or to maintain a high quality sports field whole year round, an optimal drainage system is


Sustainable Hydrological Design

With a changing climate, the hydrological aspect of turf maintanace is becomming more and more important. Therefore, Lumbricus has developed a systematic aproach that enables us to design the best

Lumbricus Consultancy

Golf Quality Monitoring

Whenever we are working within our natural environment – that is to say, whenever we are working with soil, plants, water and so on – we rarely see any homogeneity.

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