Solving any problem can only be done, if the cause of the problem is known. In order to find this cause, high quality research is an absolute necessity. Ones the problem is known, the next step is developing the solution. Lumbricus will help with both these steps.

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What We Offer

Our very versatile range of expertise can best be summarized in 4 main branches: Research, Development, data Analysis/Reporting and Engineering. Click below to find out more.

Product Research

Product Development

Analysis and Reporting


We help turn data into profit.


The tools for proper research are universal. This is why we do research in all systems concerning the environment. Our research expertise includes:


Lumbricus can help every step of the way: from idea to profiting product. Using a data driven approach, we can help optimise product design, the production process, the optimization of the product functioning and make sure that your product is marketed in the most optimal way possible.


Everybody can collect data. However, it is not the collection but rather the presentation and analysis of the data that adds the value. Using advanced statistics and a wide range of visualisation tools, we help turn data into profit.


Whether you have an existing machine you want to improve/modify, or you intent to create a whole new product. We can help you manage your technical projects and give you technical input where needed. From ROI calculation to FEM analysis to prototype. We can help you every step of the way to create that what you have in mind. For the right price and with the best technical specifications. Every project is special, and we treat it as such.


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